Friday, April 13, 2007

Review of Burda 8176

Here is my finished skirt!! Like I said in my previous post it donned on me at about noon Wednesday that the scholarship luncheon was the next day, so I had to get in gear and finish.
So after I got off work I came home and started working on it. I just had to sew the facing down and hem. This being my second project I had never hemmed a skirt before so I was a little nervous about the "easing." That all went ok but every time I went to sew the hem on the bobbin side of the seam I would get these little loopy things. First I thought my tension was too loose, then I thought it was too tight. Of course that meant I had to rip the seam out every time. Come to find out it was just my bobbin running out of thread! At least it was a simple fix and nothing more serious.
I posted a pattern review on it can be seen here. Some things I thought I would go ahead and add are that it's a bit longer than what I normally would wear, but for the occasion and with the heals I think it looked good! This is not the patterns fault as I could have shortened it if I wanted. I can't really think of much other that I want to add. It was a good beginner pattern and I am pleased how it turned out!