Monday, May 21, 2007

Prairie Girl Progress

I'm slowly making progress on the tunic top. Not because the pattern is difficult, just because other things. I did want to post a picture of my progress though. So here it is~~
So far I have the back neck facing in and the shoulder and side seams finished. Next is the sleeves, which I am a little nervous about since I have never done sleeves. Now that I think about it this will be my first top! I've read about how the arm holes and sleeves sometimes stretch out and that is what is making me nervous.
Anyway my plans for today is to start working on the sleeves.
There is one thing that confused me when cutting out this pattern that I wanted to mention but forgot in my last post. In the directions it tells you to cut 2 ties, cut 2 sleeves, cut 2 bodice fronts. The directions didn't come with a layout guide, which was fine (I'm a big girl I can figure it out). First I should say that I had folded the fabric in half, like the patterns I had worked with before. This works good with all the pieces on the fold. This was fine and dandy until I got to those pieces that said cut 2. Probably to someone other than a newbie would have gotten this but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why I need 4 arm pieces and 4 bodice pieces, the tie sounded fine with four pieces. I finally decided that they must make the directions in case you were cutting each piece separately. I guess this goes with the saying "You learn something new everyday" or in my case on every project!