Monday, March 19, 2007

I have actually had a chance to sew again! Thank goodness for Spring Break! My Birthday was last Thursday so I recieved some sewing goodies...
I recieved a large sewing basket. It's big enough to carry three pairs of scissors and a whole lot more. I also recieved a pair of Gingher Scissors which I plan to have for a long time. I also recieved the first season of Project Runway.
In other sewing related news I have completed the Burda 8176 skirt muslin (minus the hem). Here is the Before (nearly finished) Originally the yoke was pulling as you can see in the photos, but after putting in the facings it seemed to work itself out.
After (minus hem and with pretty top):

I have all the skirt pieces cut out for the final skirt I just need to purchase some more interfacing tomorrow, unfortunately I was about an inch short.