Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy (Late) Easter!

Happy Easter! I know I'm a day late but that's ok.

Here is the Egg that I received:
I haven't had a chance to eat it yet since we were in Omaha, NE over the weekend. My Mom got it at Hazel Hill Chocolates which is a local candy story. I can't wait to break it open, it's got their own fudge inside. YUM!
While in Omaha we stopped in at Hancock Fabrics because I wanted some of the new Hot Patterns that just came out. While there I also picked out this beautiful silky fabric. I hope there is enough for the Cha-Cha-Cha Dress. It's 58" and I bought 3 yards and I believe the pattern calls for almost 4 yards of 45" fabric. Do you experienced sewers think this will work? If it doesn't I will make a airy summer top!
We also stopped by the Brass Armadillo (yes I do like some antique stuff) and I bought the Better Homes and Garden Sewing Book! I do like to go to antique shops as I am purchasing things for my future house/apartment. I am in college and still live at home to save money, but as soon as a graduate and get a full-time job I plan to move into a house, hopefully. Sorry for the side trip there.
We also stopped a really neat store called Just Fabric! All they have is fabric which was fine with me. The people working were very nice and hopefully to a newbie sewer. I purchased a few remnant fabrics and the Sew Simple magazines pictured above. The has some BEAUTIFUL bridal fabrics, hand sewn on beading, they were just gorgeous. The man even told a story about his Father bringing back some fabric from Japan for his Mother to sew her own wedding gown, and then four others women in his family wore the gown changing it just a little for themselves. Very neat people and store. I highly recommend going there if your ever in the neighborhood.
Anyway here is the fabric I bought from them:
Now I better finish my homework. :(