Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Weekend of Progress

Friday after writing my entry, I sat down and started working on my practice zipper after a couple of not good tries, IT JUST CLICKED!! Take a look I am quite proud of it.

Of course I didn't have a chance to finish the skirt before the reception. Which was OK I had another outfit I could wear. I preferred to finish this skirt slowly and making it look good, instead of just getting it done fast. So I still need to do the facings and hem. I didn't get anything more done because my weekend was completely busy, but good busy.

I also completed my new sewing desk. I wasn't very happy because it did not have beadboard sides or come with the metal cup handles that it listed that it was suppose to come with. Instead it was just plain sides and white plastic handles. I really liked the look of the "metal" handles and I thought the plastic handles would make the desk look cheap. So after the reception on Saturday I went to the Hardware store and bought a metal looking spray paint for plastic to achieve the look I wanted.

Without further ado... The Desk!