Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graduation Quilt and New Project {or many!}

I began my journey into quilting in the fall and have enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I could sew garments like so many other wonderful bloggers out there, but I just don't have the time to perfect it sadly. Although I do plan to try my hand at sewing a swimsuit this summer! I have the pattern and fabric {YAY}. Anyway back to the quilting conversation. My friend just graduated from college and I thought that a quilt would be a wonderful gift. Now my quilts use contemporary designer fabric and are not perfect, but hey that gives them class ;) So I have some photos to show the quilt progress through its different stages.
Graduation quilt fabric
Graduation Quilt in planning
Graduation Quilt
All wrapped up! {I wish I could show you her opening it up, but this will have to do}
All Wrapped Up!
What could be inside?
It's so pretty!
The finished Quilt!
The details...
Ta Da!
She loved it! I wish you could have all seen her face when she opened it!
Now on to my next project......
Sassafras Quilt
Oh yeah while I am at it click on over to Camille's {of Thimble Blossoms} blog to win a lovely honey bun!